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Welcome to this Group


:iconkokorox: :iconanzumazakiplz: :iconteagardnerplz: :iconmazaki-anzu: :iconxanzu-mazakix: :icondancingqueen: :iconkokorox:

This group is dedicated to our Dancing Queen Anzu Mazaki from Yuugiou. You like her and you think that she isn't just a decoration to let the boys look better? That she has something more in her than only friendship speeches? You believe that Anzu is one of the cutest anime girls in the whole show? Then this group is the right place for you. Join us and show your love for her. ♥


• You must be a fan of Anzu Mazaki.
• Your work must contain Anzu.
• No arguments why a certain couple is better/worse.
• Peachshipping (Yuugi/Anzu) is not allowed.
• Bashing of any kind is not allowed.
Absolute no Gender-Bender.
• Your OCs with Anzu are allowed.
• Mature content is allowed but must follow dA guidelines.
• Please submit into the right folder.
• Your work must follow DeviantArt's rules.
• The work you submit must be your own.
• We affiliate with all groups except for anti based groups.

Shipping Names

• Agileshipping (Vivian x Anzu)
• Analogshipping (Hiroto x Ryou x Anzu)
• Azureshipping (Seto x Anzu)
• Blameshipping (Possessed Katsuya x Anzu)
• Boxshipping (Mokuba x Anzu)
• Butterflyshipping (Ryou x Mai x Anzu)
• Copeshipping (Keith x Anzu x Shizuka)
• Copyshipping (Katsuya x Mai x Anzu)
• Crownshipping (Pegasus x Anzu)
• Crystalshipping (Anzu x Mana)
• Cunishipping (Mai x Anzu x Shizuka)
• Damselshipping (Anzu x Asuka)
• Danceshipping (Mai x Anzu)
• Dedicationshipping (Rishid x Anzu)
• Denyshipping (Yami no Bakura x Yami no Yuugi x Anzu)
• Devotionshipping (Katsuya x Anzu)
• Dripshipping (Ryouta x Anzu)
• Envyshipping (Anzu x Rebecca)
• Faultshipping (Seto x Anzu x Mokuba)
• Femmeshipping (Mai x Isis x Anzu)
• Figureshipping (Isis x Mai x Anzu x Shizuka)
• Glittershipping (Anzu x Kisara)
• Hopeshipping (Anzu x Ryou x Shizuka)
• Hostshipping (Ryou x Anzu)
• Lifeshipping (Amelda x Anzu)
• Manipulashipping (Malik x Anzu)
• Moralshipping (Priest Mahaado x Anzu)
• Mystshipping (Isis x Anzu)
• Orchisshipping (Isis x Anzu x Shizuka)
• Persevereshipping (Ryuuji x Anzu)
• Pervertshipping (Sugoroku x Anzu)
• Pestshipping (Haga x Anzu)
• Revolutionshipping (Yami no Yuugi x Anzu)
• Royalshipping (Priest Seth x Anzu)
• Screechshipping (Mai x Anzu x Rebecca)
• Shivershipping (Anzu x Shizuka x Mana)
• Sideshipping (Anzu x Shizuka)
• Startleshipping (Keith x Anzu)
• Supportshipping (Hiroto x Anzu)
• Thornshipping (Yami no Malik x Anzu)
• Trendshipping (Miho x Anzu x Shizuka)
• Vanishshipping (Pharaoh Atemu x Anzu)
• Vexshipping (Yami no Bakura x Anzu)




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thank you for wanting usagi and anzu in you club
just for curiosity, wow are all the ships allowed but not the Peach one? xD
Thanks for wanting to include my pic in your club's gallery! :boogie:
Cybermon Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi guys, If anyone of you dose requests or point commissions?, Just send a note to me about it.

And i also do requests, If someone wants to do it or not.
SereneDash Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you for taking my thornshipping picture ^.^
Apricotic Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, i love your Vexshipping pics, i hope you continue them :love:
Thank you so much for requesting my picture! :hug:
Randomgirl401 Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you for adding my picture of Anzu to your group!!!
Miss-DNL Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for requesting: Anzu Mazaki and Manipulationshipping!
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